So, this is new

Except it’s not, really.

I’ve already got a blog over at espresso coco (opinion remains split as to whether it’s espresso coco or espressococo, or even espressococo) where I talk about books, books, and stuff. I even redesigned the logo recently to reflect that. Lookit the pretty:

But it’s mainly books. And I wanted a place which wasn’t just books to talk about, erm, non-bookish things. One option was to just bung it all on EC under the handily-named ‘STUFF’ bit, but it didn’t feel quite right.

So, here we are, with Which might at some point become (or .net or .blog or something).

We’ll see what ends up here. Might be photos. Might be stuff.

Might be talking about running – I started running again at the back end of August and have just done parkrun #13. I’ve entered a local half-marathon in April, so there’ll be lots of running to come.

I’d also like to talk about more outdoorsy stuff – I started an A-Z of me over at the blog (note to self: FINISH IT) inspired by a couple of lovely outdoor bloggers. Hey, maybe you’ll even get some outdoorsy photos…

Might be something else. Anything in particular you want to know?


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